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How to Submit

“Wow!” You’re thinking to yourself.  “What a savvy review site.  I’ve got an indie book – I wonder if they’d review me?”

The answer is…probably!  Here’s our guidelines for submission:

1.  The book must be Indie.  This site uses a pretty broad definition for that; essentially, one cannot be a traditional New York Publishing house.  Small presses are in about the same place as a self-published author, and it’s those hard-to-find gems that we’re really looking for.

2.  We read it, we review it.  That means once we have your book, if we take the time to pick it up, there will be a review posted about it.  We don’t have time to read the book and not use it to add content to our site.  We’re trying to put out a weekly review, and that means we’re going to post a review about your book once we start reading it.  You’re locked in.

3.  We will be honest with our opinion.  This isn’t a hug-box, and it isn’t here to make you feel good about what you’ve written.  It’s here to bring exposure to Indie books.  Combined with Rule #2, this means if we love your book, we will gush uncontrollably about it.  If we hate your book, then, well…

We generally like books.  We like stories.  But we’ve had some bad submissions, and when we get one we tell the world.  Don’t submit to us if you’re just churning out garbage as quickly as possible to maximize volume – you won’t like the results.  But please do submit to us if you’re an artist with a good story to tell, who simply hasn’t found the exposure their book deserves.

4.  Submission format.  We tend to do most of our reading on Kindles.  If you have a kindle-formatted story, then that’s going to be the most likely way for your story to filter upwards in our slush pile.  We’ll take a book in .pdf or epub, but we’re more likely to pick it up if we don’t have to be sitting at our computers to do it.


Got that?  Ok, now that you know you can submit to Frog:  frog@jonestales.com by placing “Submission Request” in the subject line.