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Friday Indie Review: Lacing Up For Murder by Irene Radford

This is the first cozy mystery we’ve reviewed here on the Friday Indie, and don’t let the cover art fool you.  We’re always being told that you should not judge a book by its cover, and in this case, that is expressly true. I don’t know who thought a sexy, gun toting babe would be suitable as the artwork for this book, but it doesn’t not represent the contents of the story accurately at all.  I certainly wasn’t expecting the middle aged, no nonsense, tea-guzzling and lace-admiring Glenna from this cover.

This book is actually a whimsical, well-told tale of ghosts, lace, tea-time, golfing for-fun-and-profit and questionable fortunes at the Whistling River resort.  The hotel’s manager/co-owner, Glenna has her hands full running the resort and doesn’t have time for murder or mayhem: her staff believe the hotel is haunted by the previous owner, or maybe the resort’s namesake– and are on the verge of leaving– her board of directors wants to hire a new security manager based solely on his golf swing,  a lace convention is running amok downstairs, and her yearly Japanese business clients just showed up with her dead-beat ex-husband in tow.  She can’t afford to offend or lose any of them, or she’s barely hanging on to the aging resort that has been her home and solace since her messy divorce. She has put every last penny she had into buying and running the Whistling River, and she needs all the repeat patrons she can get her hands on.  Even if one of their unexpected business partners (cough, cough, ex-husband) pushes her blood pressure to the boiling point.

Oh, and of course, to top it all off, there’s the murder that Glenna will get framed for if she can’t find the real culprit.

Irene Radford has been writing entertaining, imaginative tales that wrap around the reader and make them feel right at home in the world the author has created for years, and this story is very true to form.   Throw in the murder mystery and a new employee who may or may not be exactly what he seems, and you have a very fun, lighthearted summer read.   No sexy leather included.


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