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Blog Hopping – Four Questions for the Writer

Thank you to the amazing and talented Phyllis Irene Radford of http://bookviewcafe.com and http://ramblin-phyl.livejournal.com for inviting me on this blog tour.

Phyl answered the questions below and then picked out three other victi– err, authors– to answer them next.   I am honored to have the opportunity, so without further ado:


1) What am I working on?

I’m currently working on book three of Frog and I’s urban fantasy Gift of Grace series, tenatively titled Falling From Grace.  It has a lot of changes from the previous books for our main characters, as well as some fallout from the last book as well. (Pun totally intended, for those who have read book 2.)


2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

My work differs mostly because it is done as a collaboration with my husband, Frog.  He writes one perspective, I write the other, and then we trade chapters back and forth all of the way through the book.   We usually outline the book in acts, since that gives us both an idea where our characters need to start and end their part, and any major goals for that arc.  I love this loose outline because it means that our characters can still go off and do something crazy we weren’t expecting while still trading the plot back and forth.  As long as we can bring our folks back around to the target by the end of the chapter, it’s all ok.

This style of writing also gives our main characters two very distinct voices, because they really do have two different people standing behind them.

The magic system in our books also differs from others in the genre, because it is entirely based on summoning.  Being a magic user means you’re able to send or receive types of energy.  Magic doesn’t create anything new, it just moves around things that already exist.


3) Why do I write what I do?

Mostly because it’s a lot of fun.  I write stories I would love to read.


4) How does your writing process work?

Where I start is probably the most different from other writers.  Basically, I think about where my character left the last book, or what I want to convey about this character (if it’s a new series), and then Frog and I will throw ideas and events back and forth together until we have an outline that sounds like a lot of fun to both of us.  Then we’ll decide which character is going to start the book, and which chapters absolutely have to be told from one or the other’s perspective.

After that, it’s much like any other writer’s process.  I sit down and I make words appear on the page until that page is full. Then I go to the next one.  The next day, I may open that chapter and decide I don’t like 25% of the words, and pull them out, replacing them slightly shinier words.  Then I add more words onto that, until eventually I have all my chapters.   Then Frog and I line our chapters in order and do a full edit, checking to make sure Grace isn’t standing at the edge of a bridge at the end of one chapter, but mysteriously crouching in the middle of the road during the opening scene of the next one.


For next week, I thought I’d send you over to central Washington and northern Idaho where we have some very talented writers:

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