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Marketing, or I Got A Book, Now What Do With It?

*Originally Posted By Frog Jones

It’s been a week since my last blog post, which is kind of silly given that it was the intro week of Grace Under Fire.

Marketing is just a beast. Let me capitalize that. Marketing is just a Beast. As in, The Beast. It slavers at me, its jaws gaping, convincing me that if I post oooonce more on Twitter or submit to this ooooone more reviewer, that’s what is going to break things loose and cause me to become a best seller. Right?

Ok, I’m not actually that naive. I do know that isn’t really the likely result. But I have to keep that in my head, because otherwise the slog of social media one dredges oneself to just for a couple of sales would really numb my skull.

The sad thing about that is, it requires a set of skills almost completely different from writing the book to begin with. I have to appear to be a normal person (which I’m not, viz. my writing a fantasy novel with my wife) and send out links to the books without being a spammer.

That said, there’s really no other way to get noticed. The market is flooded with self-published authors, and most of their books are not very good. This is not a knock on the authors — we would have been at the same quality level were it not for our editor, Sue Bolich.

I don’t have a solution for this. But it’s a problem, and it’s one our industry is going to have to deal with in time.