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Shifting Gears

*Originally posted by Frog Jones


OK, Grace Under Fire is on its way.  We are, I hope, done with it (apart from letting the whole world know how awesome it is, of course).

An eternity ago, at the end of July, we’d been about two-thirds of the way through Coup de Grace, the second book in the Gift of Grace series.  We had the flow of the story, we were in the zone with our characters, and things were clicking along at a pretty substantial pace.  Going to CampCon with Phyl Radford and friends helped a great deal as well.

Then came August, and with it the re-writes on Grace Under Fire.  Again, they were absolutely necessary.  Sue Bolich did just an amazing job editing us, and the final version of the story is eons ahead of where it was.  Those re-writes were totally worth the effort.

But they hurt.  I work a full day, and I commute for at least an hour (on a good day) each way.  I’m up and out early, and home late. 

The latter part of August and most of September was spent massaging Grace Under Fire into its current state, and Coup de Grace was put entirely to the side.

Now it’s been two months, and we’re trying to pick up our strands of thought.  I know that Robert was doing…something.  You know, cause…of some reason or another.  Crap.  I left off writing just before Robert did something climatically stupid.  When I left off, I had all of Robert’s mixed-up teenage emotions in my head, and I’m trying to get back in that head space so I can actually write the scene.

Coming back to a project that’s gathering dust is tough.

This isn’t a “Writing Tips” post.  I have no advice for anyone reading this on how to actually deal with it.  Maybe next week I will. 

This is just me whining and writing something other than the scene in order see if blurting out my issues in blog form will help me address them.

We’ll see.