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Wacky Hijinks” or “How to Irritate an Editor!”

*Originally posted by Frog Jones

No s***, there I was.

So Esther and I got our second round of edits back, not nearly so severe as the first, and we spent the weekend plugging away at them. We finally completed them Monday night and e-mailed them back to Ms. Bolich.

Or so I thought.

Yesterday, we got an e-mail back. Ms. Bolich was trying to be nice with us, but it was clear she was very offended. She wanted to know whether we’d just given up, or whether we’d actually looked at all her notes and decided to blow her off. As the two of us had burned an entire weekend into responding to those notes, most of the time by agreeing with them and altering the story, we were taken aback. We thought we had done what she asked, and now she was asking us why we hadn’t. Had we completely missed the boat somewhere? Were we not understanding?


Instead, we found out that Esther over there had e-mailed Ms. Bolich the wrong file. You see, my computer is being a little fritzy, so we’ve moved our shared work over to Esther’s. We downloaded Ms. Bolich’s edits onto my computer, but we made the edits based on the copy on Esther’s, just in case mine decided to completely crap out on us.

Guess which file Esther sent back? Fun fact: It wasn’t the one on her own computer.

So our editor, who has been nothing but understanding and gracious as we bumble through our first novel, got slapped in the face as we sent her back a file that, to her perspective, hadn’t been touched by either of us and a note that said “OK, we’re done. Here you go.”

You can’t see me, but my face is in my palm just thinking about it.

So there’s the writing tip for the day, folks. Make sure that, once you do all the revisions, you send the right file back.