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Spocon: Day 2

Ok, I think I’ve recovered enough from Day 2 to discuss it.

Opened up by playing a quick game of Forbidden Island, which was a hoot.  What a great, fast, cooperative board game.

Went right from there into a panel with the legendary Kaye Thornbrugh about the Kindle Worlds program, and the issues behind it.  Expect a longer post from me in the near future detailing my thoughts here, because they are somewhat apocalyptic.

While I’m on the subject of Kaye, I’ll jump out of order and say that we also caught her reading of Brightly, her next book.  Kaye’s first book, Flicker, was actually the book that kicked off the Friday Indie Review.  Brightly sounds like Kaye has really taken the next step.  I believe she’s going to be launching it at Orycon, so anyone  who’s going to be there make sure to read Flicker now so you can be ready for Brightly then.

We also went to the Iron Fan panel, which was a subject of some dread.  Rightfully placed dread.  The winning team–the winning team–made us eat a top-ramen burrito.  That was the best team.  It was all downhill from there.

I also got to give out the awards to the Writing Competition, which I judged.  This was a hoot to judge, and there’s some good writers out there.  I especially want to give a shout-out to Sanan Kolva, who needs to submit a novel.  Her short story won, but I can tell by reading it that her real strength is going to be in the long game.  This is an up-and-comer, so watch for that name.

Esther checked out a panel wherein Jane Fancher played with dolls.  I really don’t have words for that.

Then we did the reading, which went well.  This was the first time Coup de Grace made its way into the public.  No, it’s not published yet; it’s not even fully edited.  But we still busted it out for our reading, and it looks like it turned a couple of heads.  Given that we only had a couple of heads in the reading to turn, that’s not shabby.

So, off to Day 3, wherein we do the collaboration panel.  On this panel will be the Foglio family, CJ Cherryh and Jane Fancher, and, well, us.  What a panel this will be.

I am also going to be on a panel about the role of government in space.  This panel will feature me and a rabid conservative.  I will also be on this panel with Erin Lale, the acquisitions editor for Eternal Press.  For those of you who read Esther’s review of Remembering Love, you will understand just how interesting this panel should be.

Once more into the breach.


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