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Home from SpoCon

Frog may still do his Day 3 post, but I thought I’d take the time to throw some thoughts up here as well.

Every time we go to a convention I am reminded how many amazing people we now call colleagues.  It shocks me how far we’ve come in the last two years, but also reminds me how far we have to go.

I got to go to some really awesome panels this year.  I learned about exo-planets and current techniques for finding them from Jim Glass, Gary Bennett, David Nordley, and Alan Boyle.  Going into it, I expected to hear quite a bit about adaptive optics, but that’s apparently still an emerging technology, so there’s not that much data yet.  Instead I learned a great deal about the Kepler Spacecraft and the 700 some odd new planets it found before it broke (whoops).  They have years worth of data to go through already, and they’re looking for ways to re-purpose it, now that it can’t really go seeking new planets.

I also got to hang out with Jane Fancher, Wiishu, and Autumn Sims to learn about ball-jointed dolls.  I had a ridiculous amount of fun with these little guys. If Frog isn’t careful we may be invaded by our own house elf.   Wiishu is adorable, but I fell in love with Autumn Sim’s sculpture-like Gumiho and punk rocker.   They’re actually the straw that tipped the scales from “really like” into “possible future obsession” for me.  We shall see.

Kaye and Cathy Thornbrugh, you are the best.  I love you guys.   Kaye did a reading from her second book Brightly, which looks like it will rock. If you haven’t read Flicker pick it up, so you can be ready.

We also got a pretty convincing recommendation for the Cartoon Network show “Adventure Time,” and hung out with Mark Osier to make up scary, believable monsters.

My last panel of the con was for “Dynamic Duos” with CJ Cherryh, Jane Fancher, and Phil and Kaja Foglio.  Those are some Gamabunta-sized dynamic duos, and then us tadpoles. LOL.  I think we did ok though.  It’s really fun to talk to other collaborative couples and see just how many similarities and differences we share.

Since SpoCon is the first scifi con I ever went to, it always feels like coming home, but this year– even with the bumpy start– I feel really, truly blessed.  Looking forward to next year.

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