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Glimmers of Darkness – the rebirth of Cyberpunk

Those of you know me know how much I love cyberpunk.

OK, Digital Glamour has been really slow to get off the ground.  And the more I look at it, the more I realize why.  Good, solid, cyberpunkyness has been relegated to the dusty shelf of cliches.  It’s right there with men on the moon and writing stories about Mars.  We just don’t do it anymore.

That is to say, not really.  Oh, we’ve got certain abominations running around woobifying the genre, making it Younger and Hipper and More Appealing to a Wider Audience, but on the whole cyberpunk seemed, for a while, like it was dying.

I’m beginning to see a glimmer, though.  Not a lot, but just enough to make me hopeful.

For instance, check this out.

Now, that book isn’t out yet, or it’d be in my review queue in a heartbeat.  But I read something like:

Her brain felt like it was being rewired and she stood in front of the mirror staring at herself as the transmitters in the pills did their job. She was glad to have packed a small prescription bottle in her purse containing a cocktail of pretty colors.
It had proved, as she was sure it would, that the stress of perfection was too much. It was a cost Amelia couldn’t pay on her own. It was a price too expensive for even a general’s wife.

and I am pretty excited.  Pills with transmitters rewiring brains to achieve perfection?  Yes, yes a million times yes.  Bring back my dangerous tech, my overreaching corporate-controlled governments.

I don’t know where my readers stand politically, and frankly I don’t care that much.  My reviews and my works have little or nothing to do with politics.  But I think everyone has to admit that our tech is getting frighteningly close to the tech that causes so many social problems in a good cyberpunk, and without material like that, how can our society begin to think about what it should do when those days get here?

So, bravo young cyberpunk authors.  Go forth and explore ethically grey areas of the near future.  Show me dystopias, and characters dealing with dystopias in different way.  As soon as The Deceiver is out, I’m putting it on the review list.

And remember:  I’m always open to new submissions to Digital Glamour.  Slow does not mean stopped.

*Originally posted by Frog Jones